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Concert Discipline

As members of Vivace Chorus we take pride in our high standards of performance, so it’s important that our stage discpline is always professional. Please familiarise yourself with the Concert Guidelines for singers document before each concert, so that as a choir, we can look as good as we sound.

African Sanctus - Rehearsal Schedule

The Hippo Man, Mayinda Orawo, Luo Kenya, 1973  (P. David Fanshawe)

Please make every effort over the next few weeks to rehearse the African Sanctus and come as prepared as possible to the rehearsals.

The schedule is shown in the table below...

Vivace Walkers

Get fit while having fun! Join Vivace chorus members, friends and family on their monthly walks in the Surrey Hills and beyond.

Visit the VivaceWalkers Site for more information.